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BlockFollow ICO sale starts on 9th of July, 2018

BlockFollow is a brand new social service, that takes the crypto community to the next level. Stay tuned.

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Get To Know Our Project

Get Connected

We all know that knowledge and good contacts mean profit. Getting together with other motivated people can bring great success. Get to know other traders or perspectives.
Making friends brings you new possibilities.

Follow Your Progress

People say that one day in crypto equals a month in fiat. The market is volatile, but growing day by day. This provides us excitement and loads of money. It is crucial to keep track of our transactions to see the big picture.
Handle multiple portfolios real-time.

Earn Money

The most valuable asset in the 21th century is the information. And if you share it, we award it. It might just be a rumor validation or a complete report of your favourite coin or even a complete trading course, if it helps people, it wont be unnoticed.
Earn money by socializing and helping our great community.

Fast and Free Transactions

Connect your payments with your BlockFollow profile! Sending and receiving money have never been so easy. Use our merchant tools to build up your own business.
Instant, costless transactions between our members.

Advanced Exchange

Tired of your favourite exchange being down? You feel like you need new trading options like trailing-stop? Set up your targets on the chart and let our system do the rest.
We will provide seamless and reliable trading experience with community-selected trading pairs and with the most promising projects.

Build a Brand

Get your work recognized. Even if you bring years of experience to the table, you need a strong online presence if you want others to reach out. Show yourself, represent a value, profit from your skills.
We need trusted professionals to lead the community.

Up-to-Date News

Don't get fooled by fake rumors. Instead, focus on valid ones. Your calendar will show the events that might be interesting for you.
We will provide you fast and accurate reports by the power of the community.

Teach or Study

Learning new things is in our blood. Invest time and energy into yourself, and life will reward you. Never stop improving, be more. Do you feel like you are experienced in a topic?
Share your knowledge to earn or complete courses to get better.

Wherever You Are

Once you get into crypto, you won't be able to put down your phone, and will have dreams or nightmares about your alts. It's a lifestyle. We are pioneers. Don't miss out the important happenings.
The news will follow you on your mobile.


English Version:


Pre-ICO: July 9th, 2018 - July 23th, 2018

ICO: July 30th, 2018 - August 27th, 2018

What does ICO mean?

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It's a fundraising mechanism where early backers can support a project and can acquire a certain amount of a new cryptocurrency/token in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What does KYC mean?

KYC (know your customer) is a process of user identification. It's a defensive action, where companies verify their users. It's purpose to counter financial crimes such as money laundering and funding terrorism. It only takes a minute for our users, but KYC is really important step to ensure that our ICO is legal.

What do I have to know about BFN?

BFN (BlockFollow Network) is the name of the token we will distribute and use on our platform. It has a maximum supply of 210.000.000 and will be implemented on Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) for the ICO. Later on we will start our own blockchain and our investors will be able to upgrade their tokens. We will only accept Ethereum under the pre-ICO and ICO.

What are the phases of the BlockFollow ICO?

The ICO will have 2 phases: the pre-sale (pre-ICO) and the crowd-sale (ICO). Both phases will require a completed a KYC form before participating in it. Pre-Sale will last 2 weeks (or until we hit the hard cap) and 1 BFN token will cost 0,00012 ETH meaning you can purchase 8333 BFN for 1 Ethereum. Only 20.000.000 BFN token could get distributed under the pre-sale. All the unsold pre-sale token will be rolled to the ICO. The ICO phase will begin on July 30th, one week after the end of the pre-sale. ICO will last 4 weeks (or until we hit the hard cap) and 1 BFN token will cost 0,00018 ETH meaning you can purchase 5555 BFN for 1 Ethereum. Only 100.000.000 BFN token could get distributed under the ICO. After the ICO, 75% of the unsold ICO tokens will get burned and the remaining 25% will get distributed between our pre-sale/ICO investors. The minimum amount of investment is 0.05 ETH.

I'm leading a hedge fund / I'm an institutional investor. Can I get a special offer?

Private sale is available and negotiable before the Pre-ICO starts, however, there is a minimum amount of investment and the tokens will get a 60 day lock-up period after the ICO. For private inquiries contact info@blockfollow.com


What is this program?

We will reward you with BFN token in exchange for performing a few tasks. It is free for everyone to participate and takes only a minute to complete. You only have to join our Telegram group, like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter to get your tokens. You can get additional tokens by subscribing on our website!

How much can I get?

If you complete the form and do all the tasks, you'll get 100 BFN (est. $12.5) for free. If your friend will have your code as a referral, you will get 50 BFN more! You can use your Telegram ID or e-mail address as referral ID.

When will I get my BFN?

We will distribute the airdrop tokens after the ICO.

How many people can participate?

We allocated 2.000.000 BFN for those, who participate in our airdrop program, meaning 20.000 people can take part in our program.

Click here to participate!



If you don't want to miss out, sign up, and we will notify when the sale is on.


Meet the Team

We are transparent. We are passionate. We are open for new ideas.


Dan Toth

CEO & Founder


Roland Sinkovits

COO & Co-Founder


Zoltan Takacs

VP of Operations


Natasa Toth

Brand Management


Patrik Kondracs

Security Advisor


Sebastian Prohaska

District Manager (Germany)

Our collages from Espeo Software


Bartosz Dziki

Project Manager


Tomasz Cichowicz

Blockchain Developer


Adrian Hetman

Blockchain Developer